On Resistance

You probably already know about Bobby London because of their incendiary blogposts like “Fuck Trump, but Fuck You Too: No Unity with Liberals,” published November 17, 2016. It begins:

A cop begins swinging his baton at the protesters in front of me. A riot line begins to form and push against the crowd as they chanted “this is a peaceful movement”. I began chanting “fuck the police” cause that’s what you do when cops start being … well cops. “Shhhh”, a man I did not know said to me while he put his hand in front my lips almost close enough to touch them. I told him to get his hand out of my face, and was met with several other men pushing their bodies up against me, forming hearts with their hands while yelling at me “this is a peaceful movement”. As that is happening, a white woman hits me in the head, knocking my hat off onto the ground. Where were my safety pin allies when I needed you then?

The cop who was swinging his baton watched as the crowd turned their anger on me instead, he smiled. Probably laughing on the inside while the people he so badly wanted to hit made sure no one said, “fuck the police”. Funny enough, earlier the predominantly white crowd was very eager to chant “black lives, they matter here”, just like they saw before on their computer screens when black people took to the streets to protest the violence wielded by the police.

Bobby also produces a radio show called On Resistance. Listen to their newest episode, “J20: Then and Now,” and then delve deeper in their archive—“The Black Parade” is also phenomenal (“White people have co-opted the fight against white supremacy.”). Props to Bobby and Beatrix for freely offering up so much radical nourishment.

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