By Keep Ypsi Black

An Interactive Multimedia Project

Black w/ Plants: Colloquial Term(s)

You’ve probably read or overheard “black thumb,” treated like a paddle ball game. Black thumb, returning to the final paddle on its string of white privilege shatters like glass on concrete floor (today!). Why? No one has thumbs that are black, however, due to white supremacy culture and complacency, (buzz) words lacking substance loom over communities of color, similar to drones currently surveilling landscape illegally. No one has thumbs that are green (either). The word green can easily be replaced by white, especially in settler colonialism. White dress, white swan, white walls in a gallery space are not simply aesthetic choice,…

Black w/ Plants: A Playlist

  w/ Plants is a Spotify playlist created by @abltnst to help listeners prioritize improving their relationship with plants. Said online playlist centers the voices of black folk, people of color, women, and individuals often marginalized in white supremacy culture. As you remove dust from foliage, peruse your favorite plant shop, or decolonize your thinking, consider filling space with the alluring sounds above. Want to deepen your understanding of root + shoot systems? Follow @blackwithplants on Instagram.   Black w/ Plants: Black-owned Shops, Etc.

Black w/ Plants: Black-owned Shops, Etc.

Below you will notice information pertaining to Black-owned Shops in D.C., Detroit, Ypsilanti, the East Bay, and scattered across the globe. Each shop, etc. will connect readers to Black botanists, horticulturists, farmers, plant stylists, interior designers, in addition to individuals working hard to help people improve their understanding of and relationship w/ plants. Black-owned Shops Lee’s Flower Shop (Washington, D.C.) Lillith Plant Shop (Washington, D.C.) Natty Garden (Brooklyn) PRICK (London) Red Rose Florist (Detroit) The Zen Succulent (North Carolina) Urbane Terrain (North Carolina) ETC. Prick: Cacti and Succulents: Choosing, Styling, Caring (SIGNED) by Gynelle We The People Growers Association (Ypsilanti, MI)…