Legendary forger, father, bricklayer, and anarchist expropriator Lucio Urtubia died July 18 in Paris. In his memory, and as ballast for our own movements, we share the 2007 documentary Lucio. Painting of Lucio by Juna

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No More Saviors

A person begins to speak, at a mic stand in a city council hearing, before a bouquet of press microphones, behind a bullhorn. The speech is supposed to rally a group, an audience, a march, an occupation. But the intended listeners don’t wake up any further, they go to sleep a little behind their eyes,…

Free the Green

Join us for an outside movie night, snacks, spoken word poetry, tenants rights education, and more. Sunday, July 26 7 p.m. 8795 MacArthur Blvd. Ypsilanti Download and share the flyer!  

May Day Book Archives: The Prison Dictionary

Now available in digital form is 2015’s free May Day book, The Prison Dictionary. It was written by people incarcerated at ERDCC in Bonne Terre, Missouri. From the Introduction: The question remains: Why a “prison dictionary”? Put simply, we feel that the uncommon grouping of people of various ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds within the prison…

Free the Green

A new message submitted by community organizer H. H. Gonzales: To those who claim to have an ear to hear, eyes to see, and hearts to sympathize, the tenants of the Green are now being told they can’t buy and plug up their own air conditioners, or use “complex water” to run sprinklers for their…

To Those Who Claim to Stand with The Green

A message submitted by community organizer HH Gonzales, to those who claim to stand with the community of the Green. No cop collaborators. You can’t protest the management and be for the cops. The management and the cops work together to harass this community.