By Black Ink

Ungovernable: An Interview with Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin

William C. Anderson: What do you think about the current uprisings happening throughout the country in response to police violence? Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin: I think the uprisings are good but we’re seeing that they have limitations as a revolutionary uprising. These limitations allow the state to subvert the nature of uprisings as well as the…

Free HH!

CALL TODAY AND TOMORROW (9/9 and 9/10) Charles Egeler Reception & Guidance Center (RGC)Warden Scott Yokom517-780-5600 (Press 1 for Charles Egeler RGC, then 3 for main menu, then 0 for operator and ask for the warden’s office.) Michigan Department of CorrectionsDirector Heidi Washington517-241-7238 Sample Script [Remember, you do not have to give your real name,…

Abolitionist Strike at University of Michigan

Grad student-workers at the University of Michigan are courageously on strike. And it is an Abolitionist strike. Due to the work of many comrades within GEO (which far exceeds this past summer and the last bargaining cycle) grad students at the University of Michigan now on strike are demanding both vital protections for all workers…

Tenants & Families United Make Change, Slumlord and Police Repress

At the request of “the management,” Washtenaw County sheriff’s deputies issued a bogus trespass ticket to community organizer Harold Hadley Gonzales. Gonzales has been supporting the new autonomous tenants’ union, Tenants & Families United, to build community and make positive changes for people living in the HUD housing complex Sycamore Meadows, owned by Houston millionaire…


Legendary forger, father, bricklayer, and anarchist expropriator Lucio Urtubia died July 18 in Paris. In his memory, and as ballast for our own movements, we share the 2007 documentary Lucio. Painting of Lucio by Juna

Free the Green

Join us for an outside movie night, snacks, spoken word poetry, tenants rights education, and more. Sunday, July 26 7 p.m. 8795 MacArthur Blvd. Ypsilanti Download and share the flyer!  

Free the Green

A new message submitted by community organizer H. H. Gonzales: To those who claim to have an ear to hear, eyes to see, and hearts to sympathize, the tenants of the Green are now being told they can’t buy and plug up their own air conditioners, or use “complex water” to run sprinklers for their…

To Those Who Claim to Stand with The Green

A message submitted by community organizer HH Gonzales, to those who claim to stand with the community of the Green. No cop collaborators. You can’t protest the management and be for the cops. The management and the cops work together to harass this community.