Rest Easy Zuu

We weren’t the closest of friends in any way. A few weeks ago we crossed paths, and I could see in your face that you were tired. I said “everything is going to be ok no matter what it is,” because it was more convenient to believe that than it was for me to take the time to find out what you needed in order to actually be ok. I could tell you didn’t believe me, and I still walked away. I’m not saying this as proof I knew you, or a way to pity myself, or to say I alone could have saved you.

I apologize, truly for not taking the time to find out what you needed, for unloading hope on you instead of help. I’m saying this for anyone else who feels like there is more you could have done for him, in whatever moment.

Do it now. We still here, there are still humans bumping into you daily with a story. Take intentional time with your close friends to check in. I won’t say look for the signs, because who really knows what that is. But be there, as often as you humanly can. Listen in the moments you don’t see coming. Feel for the pauses in between good memories. Take some time out to care for somebody else even if it costs you more than they are able to pay you back.

Check on your strong friends.

Hug your solemn friends.

Listen closely when your silly friends aren’t laughing.

Pay attention to silence.

Rest Easy Zuu.

If there’s an aux up there, I know the sky’s playlist just shifted in a major way. #1440

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