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Earlier this year, the Michigan Legislature approved $1 billion in state tax money for Dan Gilbert and other wealthy developers. The arrangement allows the rich and corporations to collect state residents’ income tax instead of the government.

On Nov. 21, the Detroit City Council approved $250 million in local tax money for Gilbert to use on four downtown projects he’s planning.

On Dec. 1, the U.S. Senate approved a 15 percent cut in the corporate tax rate and a long list of other changes to the tax code that will largely benefit the rich.

On Dec. 4, we reported that Gilbert is now seeking a total of $618 million for his downtown projects. The request includes money that should go to Detroit Public Schools.

And yet, on Saturday, Detroit Free Press staff writer John Gallagher penned a piece in which he essentially asks: Is this enough? Can’t we give the state’s wealthy more of our money? Surely there’s more in the state’s couch cushions for developers.

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