Stay Woke, Stay Kind

To all who carry the weight of this world on their shoulders as a constant companion. To all who can’t not see hierarchy and domination everywhere in this social order. To all who are told that they are worthless, disposable, less than human, displaceable, invisible, object for torture or murder, ungrievable. To all who are made precarious. To all who have had their heart broken so many times by the current social structure that it feels like a fragile glass glued together, or that one more break will shatter it completely. To all those battling windmills that spin ever and ever faster. To you, to us, against all these odds and more in the new year: care and hope, dignity and dreams. To you, to us: let’s stay in love, not fall in line. To you, to us: the tenderest of solidarity, as our magical, marvelous, mutualistic shield against all that tries to crush us. My heart, wrapped in a thousand layers of scar tissue, reaches out to touch yours.


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