We Spoke with Michigan Inmates About Rotten Food, Maggots, and More Prison Kitchen Problems

Maggots, rotten food, unsanitary kitchens, staff shortages, calorie shortages, sick inmates, angry inmates, drug-dealing kitchen employees, employees having sex with inmates, quarantines—these are the issues that documents show and inmates say are taking place in Michigan’s prison kitchens in 2018, which sounds just like what we heard about them in 2015.

That and other issues led the Michigan Department of Corrections to end its food service contract with institutional food giant Aramark nearly three years ago. But inmates tell Metro Times that the same issues persist with the new food provider, Tampa-based Trinity Services.

We spoke earlier this month with several inmates at the G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility in Jackson, who allege that the kitchen is highly unsanitary, Trinity regularly serves rotten or undercooked food, and inmates aren’t provided with enough calories.

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