We talked with legend Tateanna Hinds about her and Ike’s project 88ALASKA. 88ALASKA Radio airs every Sunday from 8–10 p.m. EST on 1shotradio.net.

Can you say a bit about what 1Shot Radio is?
1Shot Radio is a platform that works to uplift the underground culture by giving exposure to musicians, producers, DJs, small businesses, and creatives in general through various media outlets and events centered around them. We are working to connect the underground culture of the Midwest by creating opportunities for travel as well, because we believe that through collaboration and networking, we can achieve a lot more. Collab over comp is a motto that we live by over at 1Shot.
What’s the origin story of 88ALASKA?
The birth of 88ALASKA happened way before we came up with a brand name. My cousin Ike and myself have grown up together all our lives, either being mistaken as brother and sister or for an actual couple, lol, but that is a testament to our bond. We’ve gone through every stage of life together, from jerking in our colorful skinny jeans and hanging out at the skating rink to playing sports. We even went to our first music concert together. With our growing interests in music and culture in general, we were growing anxious. One day Ike and I decided to stop being only consumers of the culture but to be creators and leaders of the culture as well. This spark flickered as we figured out just how we would add value to the culture in an authentic way. During this stage of planning, we were roommates and we’d always end up in deep discussions of music, movies, sports, and fashion trends. Once we realized this pattern we decided that this kind of commentary was needed on a local level, so we created a platform for the up-and-coming artist to submit music to, get interviewed by, and have the opportunity to freestyle if they felt so inclined. It’s a way for us to be surrounded by all the things we love as well as to provide a service and platform for up-and-coming artists and creators alike.

Coming up with the name was the hardest part. We wanted something that could be visualized and something that represented us both. We chose “88” because the number 8 can be drawn a few different ways and that was a good way for us to demonstrate our similarities and differences in a uniform way. It’s a very marketable number. We added “ALASKA” at the end because we’re just cold af.
Have you got longterm dreams/goals for the 88ALASKA project?
Of course! We want 88ALASKA to grow in terms of audience and influence so that we become that one platform that every up-and-coming artist wants to be a part of. We want our industry connections to grow so that we can provide opportunities for worthy artists to take their talent to the next level. We want to create a culture of music where trap, alternative, r&b, and old fashioned hip hop can coexist and thrive together. We want to increase our traveling, meeting, and connecting with up-and-coming artists from different areas. We also want to give kids something to look up to and be a part of—we have many plans for connecting with the younger generations.
What can we expect from 88ALASKA this summer?
We’re currently evolving our platform, internalizing that collab over comp motto, and linking up with friends that have various media platforms to strengthen our brand. 88 & Friends (featuring The Social Caste, Taco Picasso, $pecs, and others) will be unveiling very soon!


  1. I am the proud grandmother of these two people my beautiful grandson Isaac Davis and my beautiful granddaughter Tateanna Hines. I’m with you 100% good job children granny love you.

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