Black w/ Plants: Sound Therapy Q&A with Devi Mambouka

January 2019–January 2020, Black with Plants will publish q and a on mental health + community building with botanists, college dropouts, horticulturalists, plant care specialists, natural hair experts, social justice advocates, sound therapists, etc. across the thirteen hardiness zones in the United States and African diaspora.

What do you want readers to know about sound therapy? Or a creative project that you are working on? and the role of community building, and its impact on mental health?
Sound therapy means to be able to create frequencies that nurtures a space where an individual has the opportunity to take inventory, of where they are at an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual space and to be able to release and allow the healing they desire, or to begin to get know themselves at an intimate level.
Sound healing ceremonies allows an individual to share healing and build a tribe that comes together to grow.
What about the opportunity to display foliage, etc. online (specifically via IG) first interested you in committing your time and energy to plant care-taking?
Having plants in the home is a way to allow energy to circulate, to transform and amplify the missing frequencies to allow homeostasis to take space.
What do you think are the five key characteristics of a successful place?


  1. Fire/Kitchen
  2. Water/Bath
  3. Earth/Bedroom
  4. Air/Alter or space for meditation
  5. Spirit/Heritage or place where family and mentor photos are displayed, books representing lineage.

Community engagement is a significant obligation of direct service. With that in mind, can you tell us about your experience in engaging with your contacts day-to-day? Do you notice services rendered positively affecting your contact’s psychological well-being?
Being able to create space for others to heal is a service that brings joy and is an humbling experience.
The courage that my clients have to invest in their selves is commendable and inspiring.
Would you be willing to share a memorable moment from 2018?
My residency at the Ace Hotel (NYC) was a humbling experience which I am very grateful for.
Your perspective is invaluable. Thank you for distilling your talents, sharing your time, and a contributing to the local economy. Can you tell readers a little bit about your perspective on securing space for psychological healing and/or wellness?
It is the indigenous way to honor and create a safe space for healing and social gatherings. 

Final thoughts from Devi Mambouka (@mdwsoundhealing):

I appreciate you and hope to meet you in person soon.
Love and Light,

Devi Mambouka

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