What We Doin’ Here?

We are not in the streets solely for George Floyd. We endure a myriad of systemic oppressions, many of which come through state-sanctioned violence. We are resisting a system of repression. A history of military occupation in our neighborhoods. A long tradition of whyte terrorism against Black folks on this continent specifically. At the very LEAST we have to include Breonna Taylor’s name and story in what we do. As George’s name spreads to global attention, a Black woman, ER Technician, killed in her home, unarmed, and unrelated to why police were there (illegally) in the first place. The three officers involved are on paid vacation. Say her name, shout her name, tag her name, spread her story. Black women remain on the frontlines to organizing for, protecting, raising, LOVING, Black folks, and especially Black men. What does it say about us that we continually fall silent/stagnant/inert when it’s time to reciprocate?

Beyond our genders what we fight and organize for right now HAS to be about more than a single case. It HAS to be about more than reform. May our imaginations be such that we don’t buy into the lie that electoral politics are our ultimate path to freedom. Has that ever worked? And when? May we continue to imagine liberated communities without police, without prisons, without poverty, and without houselessness. May everything we do in the coming weeks be an effort to tear down and to organize with each other toward building such communities.

All power to the people.

Shut shit down.

Support Louisville rebels. Support rebels nationally.



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