Free May Day Book #10: A Message from Home, by Terence C. Price II

This year’s free May Day book is A Message from Home, by virtuoso Miami street photographer Terence C. Price II. It’s a 6.75 x 8.75 inch, 160-page sewn hardback, with an introduction by Zoé Samudzi entitled “Against the Black Sentimental.”

We don’t seek to craft an ode to spectacular greatness or inaccessible performances of “excellence,” or a demand to be made known and properly understood. We seek to register, rather, the kinds of beautifully quiet, mundane images that emit the “sonic frequencies of the quotidian practices of black communities”; images that stimulate curiosity, familiarity, a tinge of sadness, a heartstring tug, a chuckle, a throb of rage.

Venmo (@Crisis_Studio) or PayPal $4.00 for shipping/handling and your name/address, and we’ll send you a book. If you live abroad, contact us and we’ll figure it out. Books will ship out in early June, and also will be available at For Keeps Books in Atlanta and from Noname’s Book Club Headquarters in LA. We’ll update this caption with the other spots closer to June 1.

What Price records with his camera is quite literally the revolution of everyday life. His is a body of work that turns the genre of photography inside out: instead of “capturing” his subjects, he invites them to captivate him. There are quite a few things that we are invited to draw from this dialectic—. An impulse to love. A commitment to caring (for loved ones, for strangers). A desire for our own and especially everyone else’s autonomy.

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