By François Arouet

Louise Michel

In France, Louise Michel—who died on this day in 1905—is celebrated as the heroine of the Paris Commune of 1871. Schools, railway stations and streets are named after her. In recent years, a number of new biographies have documented her legendary life, and over a thousand of her letters have been collated and published. But…

Semiotext(e) and Gentrification

When worlds collide! The LA Weekly ran a story today entitled “Boyle Heights Event by I Love Dick Author Canceled After Pressure from Activists.” Anti-gentrification group Defend Boyle Heights captioned an image of the Weekly article this way for their Instagram feed:   Chris Kraus, Semiotext(e), 356 S. Mission Rd. were all reached out to…

Pot Kettle White

According to a story published yesterday at MLive, images have been recorded of three white supremacists who painted hate speech over a mural in Ann Arbor: