Semiotext(e) and Gentrification

When worlds collide! The LA Weekly ran a story today entitled “Boyle Heights Event by I Love Dick Author Canceled After Pressure from Activists.” Anti-gentrification group Defend Boyle Heights captioned an image of the Weekly article this way for their Instagram feed:

Chris Kraus, Semiotext(e), 356 S. Mission Rd. were all reached out to in the past couple of weeks regarding the boycott against all the art galleries in the warehouse area of Boyle Heights: none of those emails from DBH were ever responded to: not a single one.

 Shame on Semiotext(e)! Shame on you for publishing insurrectionary, radical texts, by black revolutionaries like Mumia Abu-Jamal and Assata Shakur yet in the same token refuse to side with the mariachi on rent strike on 1815 E. 2nd St. and absolutely REFUSE to acknowledge a community led boycott. The hypocrisy of siding with millionaire developers like Gavin Brown and high-intensity Gentrifiers like Wendy Yao, Ethan Swan, and Laura Owens instead of working class POC and immigrants is disturbing beyond measure. What an absolute, disgusting shame. 
But, more importantly, SHAME on 356 Mission for continuing their programming in Boyle Heights despite the furious organizing taking place to end police killings, kidnappings of undocumented youth, and the illegal evictions of seniors, families, and neighbors all across Los Angeles. Where is the solidarity and sympathy from these gentrifiers? Are they going to sit idly by as more and more people get deported, more people lose their homes, and more youth are killed by LAPD? This is why we reiterate our demands louder and clearer every single time: 356, GET THE FUCK OUT OF BOYLE HEIGHTS, OR WE WILL MAKE YOU.

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