Citizen Committee on Housing Affordability and Accessibility

This Wednesday (February 7) will be the first meeting of a newly established subcommittee of the Planning Commission. It will convene in the downstairs (basement) gallery at Riverside Arts Center at 7 p.m.

The Citizen Committee will review and update the City of Ypsilanti’s 2013 Master Plan with a focus on preserving and enhancing housing affordability and accessibility in keeping with the guiding values of the Master Plan. The Committee will develop and issue recommendations for specific land use and policy changes for consideration by the Planning Commission and (upon invitation) City Council.

The subcommittee includes membership from various stakeholders including DEFEND AFFORDABLE YPSI.

Show up and learn more about the work of the subcommittee and voice your wishes for what you would like the subcommittee to accomplish.

Some relevant materials: Subcommittee charter; Meeting agenda; Shape Ypsi Master Plan.


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