March 5, East Lansing!

On Monday, March 5th at 12 noon, hundreds will converge in East Lansing, Michigan in a mass mobilization against neo-Nazi and Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer and the systems of white supremacy, patriarchy, and fascism that he represents.

The goal of our mobilization is simple: to show that the Alt-Right, which since its creation has done nothing but carry out acts of murder, violence, and harassment while promoting the most authoritarian and reactionary policies of the Trump administration, has no place in East Lansing, or anywhere. Together, we will oppose the rise of fascism, whether it comes in white sheets or hipster haircuts.

Above all, we will defend our communities from the Alt-Right. Everywhere that Spencer goes, violence follows. From the horrific murder of Heather Heyer at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville which Spencer spearheaded, to Gainesville, Florida, where neo-Nazi goons brought by Spencer to do security for his last campus speaking event, literally opened fire on demonstrators sitting at a bus stop.

This time around, Spencer will be bringing attendees from an Alt-Right conference on March 4th in Detroit to his speaking event for extra backup. With the potential for a large Alt-Right presence that will surely be heavily protected by police, the need for a mass convergence is clear. This is all hands on deck.

To carry this convergence forward, a growing coalition entitled Stop Spencer at MSU has been hard at work doing outreach, making connections, and organizing for months, but ultimately, we need your help to make this mobilization a success.

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