The Peoples’ Pac Man: A May Day Street Game

Tuesday, May 1
5:01 P.M.
Downtown Ann Arbor

Keep May Day fun and tell your boss to heck off as we take to Ann Arbor’s streets for some festive, working-class merriment (and maybe also mischief).

To play the Peoples’ Pac Man, you either join—or create—a spawn point somewhere within the Ann Arbor game map. Each spawn point is a meeting place for a self-organized march (bloc) through the city. The goal of the game is for your bloc to rove around with a big flag proclaiming your bloc while causing a ruckus loud enough to find the other blocs and combine into one super-unified and totally sassy mega-march (kinda like Voltron, although it’s also like Pac Man). But watch out! Sometimes cops.

If we win (all the blocs find each other), we have a picnic! If we lose (we don’t all find each other), we have a picnic!

Read the rest here.

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