Nya’s Mighty Fight

For those of us looking for ways to stand up and care for black comrades in our community, here’s a timely one: help Nya Njee get the pay she’s owed by Mighty Good Coffee Company of Ann Arbor.

Here is a bit about Nya’s plight, in her own words:

The following is a statement Nya prepared to accompany the release of this video, with links for anyone who’d like to support this brilliant artist/worker/intellectual.
This is me sharing my Mighty Good Coffee struggle. Please continue to share the story! I thought it was important to put a face and voice to my story, even though I am representing a lot of people that empathize with work place discrimination or abuse (service workers, low wage workers, baristas, workers of color, etc.). It has not been an easy task calling out their mistreatment and would have preferred I did not have to. Understand that Mighty Good exploited 1,600+ hours of my labor and life during my time at their company. I JUST WANT TO BE PAID FOR THE 1,600+ HOURS OF MY LABOR! Their refusal to acknowledge me and their blatant misconduct and poor business etiquette, pay me for the work I did, apologize and use this to become a better company continues to use my energy when I just wanted to be paid fairly for my labor, valued as an employee, and treated with the “fairness,” “dignity,” and “respect” they claimed to treat their employees with in their last statement! Their treatment of their first black employee, their first black woman employee, and their treatment of women and people of color in the company is the testament of their failure to uphold the values of “diversity, inclusion, and fairness” that they themselves claim to prioritize. Having to quit my job, and fighting them over their mistreatment has been extremely time-consuming and rather draining. I’m throwing a Rent Party tomorrow to help me raise what I need for cost of living expenses. Please continue to HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE! Continue to ask them, until they give me my wages, “Have you given Nya her back pay yet?” Go in and ask, call and ask, email them and ask, ask on their Facebook posts. All the support and help has kept me strong and pushing! Thank you all so much!

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