Message from Joshua Williams

It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win. We must love and support one another. We have nothing to lose but our chains. —Assata Shakur

Today I say, let’s lose these chains of having been victimized by the system. Let’s lose the chains of oppression. Let’s lose these chains of slavery.

Black people: I’m writing you today to say let’s take our world back. Let’s take our lives back. Let’s show the world our true powers, because believe it or not the color of our skin is a weapon in the eyes of the police and in the eyes of white people who don’t love us.

I believe we will stand again. We will rise again. Nothing will stop us from getting to where we are going. I say no more to police murdering our young black people. I say no more to voter suppression. I vow with my life that I will stand for my people till I leave this earth. I will stand for the voiceless. I will stand for my youth.

I say to you: stand with me. Let the police know they will not get away with murder and then go home at night to sleep well with their families, while these black mothers and fathers are left crying and burying their own children. I won’t allow it. We won’t allow it. Not any more.

I say to all the police, to all the pigs: this ends now. You will no longer step on us like we’re dogs in the streets, because we stand up to you. We are no longer afraid of you. We are black kings and queens.

Black people: I’m saying we have power in numbers. We are winning and we will win. The question is, are you ready to fight? Are you ready to get justice? Are you ready to get freedom?

I might be in prison but I’m still in this fight. They might have taken me from the movement but they can’t take the movement out of me. Brothers and sisters, I will be back soon. And to all of you who support me, I love you so much. Let’s fight this fight together—if not for me, then for your own children and for black kids across these United States.

We lose too many of our black youth to the prison system, to the hands of murdering police. There are many black young people in prison, just like me. We say no more to overcrowded prisons. We say no more to mass incarceration.

Sisters, brothers: I love you. I will see you soon. Please share this with somebody you know. My name is Joshua Williams. I am a black king and a black revolutionary. Power to the people. Hands up, don’t shoot.


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