Free the Green

A new message submitted by community organizer H. H. Gonzales:

To those who claim to have an ear to hear, eyes to see, and hearts to sympathize, the tenants of the Green are now being told they can’t buy and plug up their own air conditioners, or use “complex water” to run sprinklers for their children, or to fill kiddie pools. It’s time to attack these lease agreements that place tenants in bondage, to hold these people who claim to represent us accountable.

I’ve been invited to sit at the table by Ricky Jefferson to talk to Derrick Jackson and we were supposed to talk about how to improve conditions. But like everything else involved in politics, they are slow or non-responsive. They have to ensure that they are in line with the current political stance being taken by their bosses who sell us out in favor of corporate backing. I also never received a call back—stall tactics—but that’s what I expected. They will stall me out hoping I’ll go away, while they prepare their cover stories, but I haven’t been waiting, and the public never should when it comes to dehumanizing conditions. So, Ricky and Derrick I will invite you to the table. I’m setting up a table in the field next to the fire station and if you want to talk, come out in the heat like the rest of us. I’m formally inviting you to join me at the Green’s table:

Wednesday, July 8, 2020
3:00 p.m.
8795 MacArthur Blvd.
Superior Charter Twp., MI 48198

The owner of the Green, John Barineau III, has a 3-million-dollar house in Texas, another “project” in Flint that suffers the same as the Green, and hires a manager to come in her Benz and enforce his tyranny. In 90 degree and above weather tenants can’t have their own air or use water, are you fucking serious? And while all this is going on, the concern from our current legislature is covering the police, the management, and their own asses. So, I say let’s light a fire under their asses to burn the covering off so they feel the heat so they will know what it’s like to want water and air.

The current legislature and all involved in the housing projects around the Green, who are supposed to be there watching and ensuring that these kinds of conditions don’t occur, have been asleep at the wheel, complacent with shaking hands and kissing babies whenever a public opportunity arises. I say let’s give them plenty of public opportunities to do so. If they won’t bring us to the table, let’s bring the table to them.

In the greatest spirit we can muster, let’s show up and show out in our outrage at these tyrants, let’s bring attention to the slumlord entities and their god complex overseers they call officers.

Let’s do what we do, let’s march on their houses, their offices, and in the Green. At the end of the day I do want to take all of their careers down, but more importantly I want to free the Green from the bondage that they have been forced to sign their lives into.

I’m asking for water and air for the people. Please bring fans or whatever else can provide relief for the families in the Green, and also a fun day for the kids. Someone else will probably read this and try to steal the occasion, but as long as you’re there to fight the entire fight I don’t care. The tenants were told if they showed to the last protest they would get written up, and they’re willing to talk now. No more intimidation, no more collaborating for a seat at the table, it’s time to choose.

Fight with us, or against us, but get ready to fight!!!

It’s Independence Day:



  1. Mr. Gonzalez,
    You and I have talked on the phone twice. Let me inform you the first call I received from you came after I did the eulogy for my daughter’s Aunt and at that time of the call we were driving to the cemetery to bury her. I gave you my time on the call in spite of how important my time was to my family. I respected your concerns and let you know that some of them are valid. I asked you if you wanted to have a conversation with law enforcement, you said yes. I then set up for you to be contacted by the Sheriff’s office. How that has been achieved or not I do not know, but obviously that has not happened yet. Your judgment of me that I have a boss is correct, my boss is the residents of the entire County, specifically District 6. All who have taken the time to get to me, know that I work for the people, not the government. I’m born and raised here just like you. When you weren’t around I have been making sure whatever resources were needed to address the concerns of the tenants with problems from management got met through the available County departments and non-profits. That work is still going on. We have made progress with repairs, resources and children services. Management is not my interest. Getting them to do anything that they should be doing has taken persistent fighting even in the courts. My interest is in the well-being of all residents in Sycamore Meadows. The current situation in the Green has caused a focus to be on the relationship between management, residents and law enforcement and it has become another public priority of my daily work. Out of respect to the fact that we both have taken on the burden of the afflictions of those who live in the Green, before you use this platform as a place to discredit my integrity, call me first to discuss your concerns, which takes into consideration your perception about my actions or inaction to have the proper information based on facts.
    I have listened to you, respect your opinions, set up a platform for your concerns to be heard, yet I didn’t receive from you the courtesy of a heads up call to tell me, man to man that you have some more concerns. You have my number give me a call at your earliest convenience.


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