3rd Zap for H.H.

Another week has gone by and H.H. is still in SMHU. We need to keep the pressure on to show the MDOC that WE DON’T GIVE UP.

Conditions in the Egeler segregation unit continue to be cruel and inhumane. H.H. hasn’t had clean clothes in 4 weeks, continues to be cuffed whenever he leaves the cell, lives with the lights on 24/7, and is struggling to eat. 

H.H. faced extreme repression in the wake of the Kinross Uprising and is still suffering from the long term effects of standing up to the MDOC: the reverberating trauma of what was done to him then and the fresh trauma of today’s cruel and unusual punishment. 

This is torture. COVID cases, and cases of the new variants, are on the rise around the MDOC and people are getting sick. They might claim that H.H. is in SMHU for his own protection but the unsanitary conditions, lack of nutrition, and psychological stress are not safe. 

Call to let the MDOC know we haven’t forgotten about H.H. and we never will. 

MDOC Director Heidi Washington
(517) 241-7238

Warden Kim Cargor
(517) 780-5600 

Press 1 for Egeler RGC, press 3 for main menu, press 0 for operator and ask for the warden’s office. Then ask to leave a message for the warden. Remember, you do not need to give your name, number, or location.

Sample Script

I’m calling to demand that Harold Gonzales (MDOC # 194496) and other prisoners detained punitively in the Special Management Housing Unit at Egeler for longer than 10 days be released immediately from segregation. If the facility believes that Mr. Gonzales is unsafe in the general population at Egeler I demand that other steps be taken to ensure his safety or that he or those who pose a risk to him be transferred. The segregation conditions in the SMHU are cruel and unusual punishment.

Doing Time

H.H. Gonzales 
I sit in darkness
Listing towards forever gone.
Memories escape me,
As I slip into oblivion of meaninglessness
And wonder…
Was I ever real?
Time folds in on itself,
In the vastness of an existence bent,
A single tear falls, for who I hoped I was.
Echos of once, realized 
As the void shrinks,
Formlessness becomes reality,
As time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping…


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