Self-Defense with Rana and Mar

It’s easy to freeze up in a tense or dangerous situation. We made the Self Defense Starter Kit because it has happened to us: we were threatened and we froze up—we didn’t know how to react, and that made us vulnerable in a bad moment. We wanted to know what to do if it ever happened again.

We also made this project because verbal harassment and physical hate crime against visible minorities, religious minorities, women, and LGBTQ people spiked dramatically following the US presidential election. Hate crimes are not only common—they also commonly go unreported.

We’ve filled the Self Defense Starter Kit with eight essential self defense techniques because we want you to feel safe, secure, and equipped. Your body and your voice are super powerful tools! You do have the ability to use them, and you deserve to have these skills in your everyday toolkit.


Check out Mar and Rana’s other videos at the Self Defense Starter Kit site!

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