Genocide as Perspective

Elizabeth Birr Moje, Dean of the School of Education at University of Michigan, asked faculty last week to not engage in protesting Richard Spencer’s probable visit to campus. “We urge you not to participate in such a protest, which gives power to the people who spread falsehoods and hate,” she wrote. “Instead, we urge you to teach your courses and use them as an opportunity to engage our students in discussions about free speech, the power of multiple perspectives, how to launch productive protests, and about the right to the opportunity to learn for all people.”

The power of multiple perspectives? We’re shaking our fucking heads, and so have prepared a 30-second video for use in advanced or intro courses anywhere. In it, the Dean points out that language can help “destroy cultures,” and elsewhere she self-identifies as being someone invested in “social justice.” How much longer will liberals who comfortably platform fascism be allowed to maintain their institutional capital?



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